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3″ Seam Tape

Ideal for seaming two pieces of EPDM together and also joining EPDM onto lead.

3″ Seam Tape

  • FLEXIPROOF™ 3″ Seam Tape

    Seam Tape is designed for field seaming of FLEXIPROOF™ EPDM Membranes and Flashings. Perfect for overlapping and joining two pieces of FLEXIPROOF™ One Piece EPDM membrane.

    Can also be used to join EPDM Membrane to a lead flashing

    This product must be used with FLEXIPROOF™ EPDM Primer. 

    Please Note: This tape may come supplied on paper backing, This is due to our suppliers starting to reduce the amount of plastic that is used for the production of EPDM flashing tapes

  • Weight 0.1 kg
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