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Integra Trim Raised Kerb Trim is easily installed, looks great and delivers an effective water check upstand along flat roof perimeters – no need to fit a timber upstand!

Fitted with a high quality foam strip along the underside edge to create a solid, watertight compression seal with FlexiProof One Piece EPDM roof membranes.

• Provides a 20mm water check upstand along the roof perimeter
• 10mm x 15mm foam compression strip  creates a watertight seal with FlexiProof Fleece backed EPDM membranes, even over seams and joints
• Available in convenient 2.5m lengths
• Smart matt/semi-gloss finish

2.5m Raised Kerb Trim [Integra Trim Cellular]

  • Weight 2 kg
    Trim Color


    Trim Profile

    2.5m Raised Kerb Trim, Joiner & Fixing, Raised Kerb External Corner, Raised Kerb Internal Corner

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